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Husband of a woman who past away from Pancreatic Cancer but learned a GREAT deal about Cancer Care as well as alternatives that make a helluva lot of sense.

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December 12, 2015

South Bend, Indiana 46615

July 9, 1965

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Pancreas Cancer

February 6, 2013

Stage 2

4.1 - 5.0 cm

Grade 2


The Cancer Care ride in the United States. They won't do basic identification of what chemotherapy agent will work best against your cancer or attempt to rid your body of the harmful effects or to pinpoint cancer care. It's ridiculous.

That there ARE better alternatives and that, unfortunately, much of the care in this country is driven by profit.

Underwent treatment in Tijuana that reduced the size of the tumor by 15%, Shelley continued to improve but her immune system was TOO damaged by the original chemotherapy to survive a bacterial infection. She may have survived if this had been done first.

June 13, 2013


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